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Just How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

August 31, 2023

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A woman receiving sedation dentistry

If dentistry makes you nervous, you should try dental sedation in the future. The latter option is great at calming patients for oral work. That said, you may wonder how much sedation dentistry costs. (A calmer dental treatment won’t mean much if you can’t afford it.) Well, the truth is that sedation’s price varies according to several factors. Despite this instability, though, dental sedatives are always worthwhile in the long run. To find out why, read this summary from your local Glendale dentist.

What Affects Sedation Dentistry’s Cost?

Sedation dentistry’s cost isn’t fixed or stable. Instead, it varies from patient to patient according to numerous factors. These elements include:

The Sedation Type

Often enough, the price of sedation depends on the type you get. Different oral sedatives involve different costs.

Generally, sedation’s expense rises with its complexity. Light and simple sedatives like nitrous oxide often cost only $200-$300. (This number doesn’t include the price of the procedure itself, though.) Meanwhile, oral conscious and IV sedations will cost much more. These latter kinds usually charge an hourly rate for a dental anesthesiologist.

The Providing Dentist

Another factor in sedation cost is the individual dental team. You see, it’s rare for any two practices to charge the same amount.

Generally, dentists will charge varying prices due to geography and local economy. Depending on their location, a practice must pay more or less for the relevant sedative and sedation tools. From there, they’ll adjust the price of their sedation service to compensate and turn a profit.

Your Insurance Coverage

Ultimately, it’s best to get dental sedation sooner rather than later. Doing so lets you avoid all sorts of hassles.

For starters, fast sedation means less oral discomfort. Putting off treatment will only cause your mouth pain to worsen. In contrast, a sedative procedure prevents intense aches later and makes the care smoother.

At the same time, getting sedated now will save you money. Waiting until the oral issue is intolerable means treatment will cost more. In fact, you may end up having to pay thousands of dollars extra.

As you can see, how much sedation dentistry costs isn’t stable. Still, the factors above can guide you toward a rough but accurate estimate.

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