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Amy is awesome. She is why I moved to your practice, and I am very pleased with the services I receive from Dr. Upton and his staff.

— April A.

Always great to be there. Amy had a warm greeting and a hug for me even though I wasn’t there to see her.

— Bob H.

As always, very friendly, top quality service. Through the years I’ve learned that the best quality is the best value, especially when it comes to medical and dental care. You guys are the best!

— Ed G.

Everyone in the office is polite and friendly. I wouldn’t go to any other dentist. It’s always a good experience.

— Barbara S.

The dental hygienist was great very detailed and understanding.

— Catalina S.

Wonderful, Wonderful. Always a great experience….

— Barry E.

My appointment was the BEST dental situation I have ever been in. My smile is very important to me, I have just put off getting my issues fixed from fear. I can happily say I am 100% confident in Dr. Upton. I have never been treated with such care and kindness from a Dr. I am actually excited to get my teeth fixed! 🙂

— Britni M.

Amy is the best dental hygienist I have ever had, she makes it a pleasure to have my teeth cleaned!! A first for me! Thank you.

— Sylvia F.

Thank you for making Emma’s first visit to your office such a wonderful experience! The kids LOVE Amy! She was so wonderful with them, turning what could have been a really scary visit into a fun and educational experience. Thank you also Dr. Upton for taking the time to put Emma’s sealants in that day. We really appreciate you and your staff taking such awesome care of our whole family!

— Elisha N.

The experience at your office was absolutely fantastic! I would not change a thing! Amy was so caring and thoughtful with Ethan & Emma. She is absolutely wonderful! In fact, your whole staff is wonderful. Thank you so much for making the kids feel at ease and using our visit as an opportunity to educate them on their dental health. As we were walking to the car, they asked “when do we get to come back to the dentist?”

— Ethan N.

Good visit, as usual. Thought Amy was excellent at the cleaning.

— William B.

Everyone I met was exceptional. Period.

— Nancy N.

A Team of True Professionals – It’s like going home… entering the office of Dr John Upton, you feel like you’re family but with the advantage of being with the most caring and professional team in the business.

— Donna E.

It was good to see everyone again. Gabby has been so helpful in finding a time for me to come in. Amy provided me with educational information as well as making sure I was comfortable with my cancer screen and my check-up. I also appreciate Amy scheduling a time for me in the future. As always, Dr. Upton provided good advice and an update on my dental health. My thanks to the whole group! You make me feel special!

— Claire S.

Wouldn’t trade any of you.  Gaby and Amy both did a great job, as always.

— Nancy W.

I met Amy, and felt very comfortable with her and the service she provided. She did a good job cleaning my teeth.

— Tresia U.

I really appreciate the fact that Dr Upton makes a TOTAL care plan and that he has the exceptional skills to see that plan through. It really gives me a warm feeling to be in an office where the doctor and staff work so well together… I have already told many of my friends that I have found the “GO TO” doctor for all of their dental needs…. Many Thanks to Dr Upton and “wonderful staff”…

— Barry E.

They work together well and did as fast a job as is humanly possible. Best of all, the results were excellent and after extracting the molar and putting in the post for future implant (taking 2-1/2 hours) I went home without any pain and any swelling. That proves no bacteria was introduced.

— Lily C.

Amy did a great job cleaning our teeth. She was very thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly.

— Sheila B.

I love your office and all the staff! Dr. Upton was fabulous and I love how he and Amy both took their time with me and explained everything thoroughly. My experience was so exceptional that I made appointments for my children to begin seeing Dr. Upton and Amy as well! Thank you so much!

— Elisha N.

I have been fighting a dental phobia for the past 25 yrs., I am quite comfortable in your dental chair and am very impressed with the warm and still professional way everyone comes across. I just wish all medical/dental personnal took the time and interest in their patients as the people at Dr. Upton’s office do.

— Donna E.

It was very nice to see everyone again and thank you for making it easy to understand WHAT is wrong, WHY did it come to this situation and HOW can we solve it!

— Lex C.

All were polite, Dr. John was most proficient and the place was clean and attractive.

— Gil L.

I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Upton and his staff to provide me with such excellent dental care. Thanks especially for coming up from Glendale for me on a Thurs. I just hope he does not retire for a long time yet!

— Lily C.

I liked the professionalism of my new dental tech (who replaced Sarah), but her name escapes me!

— Nan N.

Dr Upton is a seasoned professional; he’s serious about his patient’s dental health. I trust his advice.

— Patrick S.

I rate you as one of the truly talented master dentists. In addition, you are always gentle and kind. And I have full confidence in you to do a good job for me. Blessings! and Congratulations to you and Becky on your 30th anniversary! I like both Kaylynn and Gaby very much. They are efficient and courteous.

Lily — Lily C.

My hygenist, Amy rocks! While I was sad to see Sara leave, Amy is an excellent addition to the team. Amy did a great job on my teeth and is definitely a bright ray of light in the office.

— Nathan B.

5 stars says it all. Always am treated like I am their only client

— Peggy B.

I love the care I recieve at Dr John Uptons office. He really cares.

— Marla B.

The staff is always kind and professional and always willing to help if I don’t understand. Like always I will continue to refer people to Dr. Upton

— Margaret C.

As always, Dr. Upton is so adept at his abilities, Kaylin so reassuring and knowledgeable and the staff pleasant and service-oriented.

— Gayle G.

My visit to Dr. Upton’s office was a pleasure as always!

— Rae C.

I felt like my dental needs were handled in a professional manner. Dr Upton is not only an accomplished dental professional, but has a good pleasant personality.

— Patrick S.

It is always a pleasant, positive experience with “Team” Upton. See you in Sept.

— Sheri F.

Went as planned. Thank You

— William B.

As always, Sara and Kaitlyn were friendly and very professional. Dr Upton explained my current status in ways that were clear.

— Wendy L.

I was delighted to receive a letter later outlining exactly why X-rays are important and what mine showed. Also really appreciated the extra time Dr. Upton took to speak with me personally about some concerns. You are all real caring professionals and I always feel really nurtured and well cared for! Keep up the good work!

— Kay Wallach

Awesome Experience and super friendly people. It was absolutely a great experience meeting all the friendly people and to see the up to date practice! Just keep on what your doing … You guy’s are great!

— Lex C.