Nail Biting And Oral Health

By - admin August, 29 2017 02:42:pm

WE CALL SUSPENSEFUL BOOKS “nail-biters,” but the habit of nail biting itself has less exciting connotations. The most obvious consequence is torn, uneven nails, and in particularly severe cases, nails that become dramatically shortened and deformed over time. This alone would be enough of a reason to discourage the habit, but far more insidious are the effects of nail biting on teeth and oral health. Consequences For Teeth And Gums Teeth should never be used as tools, and that includes using them as nail clippers. Over time, nail biting, or oncyophagia, can lead to a variety of complications. Malocclusion andContinue Reading »

Cause, Effect, And Prevention Of Dry Mouth

By - admin August, 23 2017 05:19:pm

HAVE YOU EVER woken up with your mouth feeling like a barren desert? Then you’ve probably experienced dry mouth, although it can be even more severe, making it difficult to speak or even eat. Dry mouth affects a tenth of the population, but why is it such a problem, why does it happen, and what can we do about it? In The Absence Of Saliva… Saliva is the mouth’s first line of defense against bacteria, bad breath, and tooth decay. It washes away leftover food particles and neutralizes acids, protecting our teeth and gums. Consequently, when there isn’t enough salivaContinue Reading »

Easy Ways To Improve Your Dental Health

By - admin August, 8 2017 03:43:pm

WE’VE ALL HEARD that if we want healthy teeth, we should brush twice a day, floss once a day, and schedule regular dental cleaning appointments twice a year. Definitely keep doing those things, but if you want to step up your oral health game, here are a few easy ways to do that. Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly One of the simplest ways you can improve your dental health and hygiene is to replace your toothbrush on a regular basis. Vigorous brushing will make the bristles fray and reduce the brush’s cleaning ability, but that’s not the only reason toothbrushes should be replaced often.Continue Reading »

Do I Really Need X-rays? Yes, 3 Major Things They Reveal!

By - admin October, 1 2013 09:45:pm

We often hear patients ask, “Do I have to have x-rays”, especially if they aren’t experiencing any pain. The answer is “yes”, because x-rays help Dr. Upton detect and treat dental problems early on, which can save you money, unnecessary discomfort and possibly your life. 3 Things They Reveal: • An Abscess: X-rays can reveal an abscess (an infection) brewing at the base of the tooth. The sooner an abscess is found, the better chances we have to treat it before it causes swelling and pain. If left undetected, abscesses can suddenly create severe swelling that may obstruct airway passagesContinue Reading »